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After 1164, with Alfonso II of Aragón, the title of depend of Barcelona was united with that of king of Aragon, and after the 16th century, with that of king of Spain. The counts had been additionally hereditary kings of Castile from the 16th century, finally forming the Monarchy of Spain. As the county became hereditary in a single household, the bond of the counts to their Frankish overlords loosened, particularly after the Capetian dynasty supplanted the Carolingians. During this period, the County of Barcelona was one of many Counties at the March located within the Eastern Pyrenees and often called Gothia or Marca Hispanica. The County of Barcelona was created by Charlemagne after he had conquered lands north of the river Ebro and Barcelona, after a siege in 801. These lands, historiographically known as the Marca Hispanica, have been organized into various counties, of which the depend of Barcelona, usually holding different counties concurrently, ultimately obtained the primacy over the area.

Regardless of a 0-1 loss within the second leg three days later, an aggregate 3-1 victory over Leganés secured Madrid a place in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. In 1258, the king of France relinquished his historical claims of feudal authority over the county within the Treaty of Corbeil. Whereas the IOC was busy getting ready, Austria-Hungary declared warfare on Serbia, and the Germans were fast to hitch the battle, barcalona jersey although their targets had been primarily Russia and France. The Catalans confronted him through the Catalan Civil Warfare and afterward reinstated him as Count of Barcelona. Throughout the Catalan Civil Conflict the Catalan authorities transferred the title of Count of Barcelona to a succession of three foreign sovereigns. The succession of Ramon Berenguer IV and Petronilla led to the creation of the Crown of Aragon. Berenguer 832-835 also Depend of Toulouse. 848-850 son of Bernard I, also Rely of Toulouse (844-850), rebelled and was killed. 865-878 son of Bernard of Poitiers additionally Depend of Girona and Margrave of Gothia and Septimania, rebelled.

Humfrid 858-864 son of Hunfrid II, Duke of Rhaetia, also Rely of Girona, Empúries, Roussillon, and Narbonne and Margrave of Gothia. Bera 801-820 son of William of Gellone, also Depend of Razès and Conflent (790-820), Girona, Besalú, Ausona (812/817-820), deposed. 826-832 son of William of Gellone, additionally margrave of Septimania (834-835) and Imperial Chamberlain (829-830), deposed. In doing so, he claimed a historic royal title with out claiming to be the present king of Spain, especially after his son Juan Carlos became the possible successor of the then-ruler of Spain, Francisco Franco. In 1977, after Juan Carlos had develop into king upon Franco’s demise in 1975, he formally awarded the comital title to his father, who had renounced his rights to the throne. Until the dying of his mother, in 1555, he was regent however the de facto ruler. Juan held that title till his death in 1993, when it reverted to Juan Carlos. 2003 Carlos Moyà Marat Safin 5-7, 6-2, 6-2, 3-0, ret. Stuart Roach (22 July 2003). “Duff is worlds apart”. Sunifred 844-848 son or son-in-regulation of Belló of Carcassonne, additionally Rely of Ausona, Besalú, Girona, Narbonne, Agde, Béziers, Lodève, Melgueil, Cerdanya, Urgell, Conflent and Nîmes. Odalric 852-858 son of Hunfrid, Margrave of Istria, additionally Rely of Girona, Roussillon, Empúries and Margrave of Septimania.

Aleran 850-852 also Count of Empúries and Roussillon and Margrave of Septimania. Ferdinand I the Sincere 3 September 1412 – 2 April 1416 He was the nephew of Martin I and the first Depend of Barcelona of the House of Trastámara. Henry I the Impotent 1462 – 1463 He was the Ferdinand I grandson and thus also from the Trastámara Home. Ferdinand II 20 January 1479 – 23 January 1516 He was the son of John II. René I 1466 – 1472 He was the grandson of John the Hunter. John II the Faithless or the Just 1472 – 20 January 1479 He was the brother of Alphonse IV. John II the Faithless or the Simply 27 June 1458 – 1462 He was the brother of Alphonse IV. Martin died with out authentic descendants (interregnum 31 May 1410 – 24 June 1412). By the Compromise of Caspe of 1412 the County of Barcelona and the remainder of the dominions of the Crown of Aragon handed to a department of the House of Trastamara.

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