All You Need To Know About An Electrical Technician Job

An electrical technician is a tradesperson specializing in electrical wiring of commercial buildings, electrical transmission lines, industrial machinery, and related appliances. Electrical technicians can also be employed in the installation or the repair and maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure or in the development of new electrical technologies. As a utility service technician, he is responsible for the detection and resolution of problems with the distribution systems of the utility companies. He can resolve faults in transformers, circuit breakers, and switches; test for efficiency and performance; and install and repair equipment. He is also responsible for the supervision of the employees of electrical maintenance departments.

There are many career paths available in the field of electrical technician. One can choose to be an apprentice for one or two years to acquire practical experience and on-the-job training to prepare him for his job as an apprentice. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, one is eligible for a job as an apprentice in a particular industry who is equipped with ample of theoretical knowledge but little practical experience. The second career path is to get a degree in electrical technology where he can acquire a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree. The final career path is to become an electrician, which is a very challenging and rewarding occupation that requires a huge amount of knowledge and theoretical understanding but without any practical experience.

To enter this field, an individual needs to have a high school diploma. Other than that, some other essential things needed are a clean background in science; excellent mathematical and logical skills; ability to follow instructions; reliable money management skills; and adequate computer and communication skills. To become an electrician, the applicant who possesses all these skills is able to pass the state licensure exam as well as meeting the national licensure requirements. In addition to that, before becoming an electrician, a person must undergo a supervised apprenticeship program.

In the field of Electrical Technician, there are two career paths to select. One is the field of Commercial Electrician, and the other is the field of Residential Electrician. In order to serve the people efficiently in both career paths, a person needs to have a thorough knowledge on the principles and basics of Electrical Technology. In addition to that, all electrical technicians should hold a valid license from their state’s Board of Equalization.

All these career paths require a fundamental knowledge of electricity, its components, and operation. Moreover, they also require proper training and certification from specialized agencies. In order to achieve success in either of these career paths, an individual needs to take up classes related to electrical technology in high schools and technical colleges so that he/she is properly equipped to handle electricity and its components.

As mentioned above, there are many electrical technician jobs available in today’s market. A high school diploma or GED is definitely a requirement. Moreover, it is a requirement for any eligible person to obtain at least 10 credited hours of training after passing an exam. With these requirements in place, you can surely get your dream job as an electrician.